Athens, 4 February, 2020

With our wishes for a creative year, the Pharmaceutical industry DEMO ΑΒΕΕ welcomed 2020 in an event for the New Year’s Cake, which took place on Friday, 31 January, in Varympompi, Athens. President of the Regional government of Peloponnese, Mr Panagiotis Nikas, Vice-President of the Regional Government of Arkadia, Mr Christos Lampropoulos, the Mayor of Dionysos, Mr Giannis Kalafatelis, the Mayor of Kifissia, Mr Giorgos Thomakos, the President of the Hellenic Red Cross Organization, Mr Antonis Avgerinos, managers of banks, consulting agencies, partners and suppliers of the company attended the event.

In his speech, the President of DEMO, Mr Stavros Demos, expressed his complete pleasure and his gratitude towards all employees for their contribution in the successful course of the company, while he particularly thanked the older employees of DEMO. “We started together this difficult but dynamic course 55 years ago and I am deeply proud that today, in 2020, DEMO has reached the top with its 4 factories in Kryonery, a subsidiary in Germany and its presence in 85 countries”. Finally, he wished health and strength to all employees and their families.

Then, the Vice-President of DEMO S.A, Mr Dimitris Demos, in his speech welcoming 2020, remarked: “In the occasion of our event today, we are closing a fiscal year which could be characterized as very successful with regards to our production and we are also opening the new year that I could characterize also as the beginning of a new era for the expansion of our company. During 2019, sales exceeded for the first time the limit of 150 million euro, with an increase of 16 million euro in comparison to 2018. Leaders of this great success are not just the people working in the departments of sales but also the people working in our production units, and also all the supportive services, since during 2019 we managed to produce and manage 45 million pieces more than in 2018, thus increasing our total production by 16%.

With regards to the company investments during 2019, we completed at a rate of 90% all of the investments that we had planed, such as the completion of the construction of the 4th building, of a total surface of 10,500 sq.m., the setting into production of the new production unit of glass ampules and the new robotic packaging line for plastic bottles, while at the same time an important and strenuous task, the serialization of our packaging lines, was successfully completed and at a record time,” said Mr Demos.

“With regards to the company products, DEMO developed 7 new products in its laboratories, designed and is ready to launch 14 more drinkable products and food supplements in the Greek market, while at the same time, DEMO internationally obtained 302 new approvals. This number is a record number for the history of the company, since it practically creates 302 new occasions for sales all over the world and a great challenge for the sales team abroad.”

Finally, he concluded reporting important investments in and out of Attica that the company aims to perform within the next 5 years, under the condition that the State stays true to its announcements and of course that peace will continue to exist in the region. “Though, what I can say with certainty”, as Mr Demos highlighted, “is that the company is changing in size, image and presence with a very fast pace and for the next 5 years, this pace will be even faster.”

The event that started at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, continued with video projections depicting all “important moments” of DEMO during the year that just passed and extreme fun until the early hours of the morning.