Responsible Entrepreneurship and the continuous effort for Viable Growth must constitute a strategic choice for any modern enterprise. In this way its long term development and progress are assured.

For DEMO, responsible entrepreneurship primarily means to daily act with ethics, having in mind, beyond the progress of our company, the general benefit of society. Beyond the responsibility as an ethical value, we believe that responsible enterprises are those which plan with a long term horizon, invest in the future and stand on sound foundations.

Responsible and therefore viable growth according to our strategy, brings added value for the Greek economy and society through initiatives supporting, the patient, the colleague, the worker, the citizen and the environment. We rely on cooperation with local communities, innovation, exports, decrease of the environmental footprint and investment in human resources.

Thus, we believe that we give back to society for its trust and create a stable basis for the healthy growth of our company in the future.

In addition to the private health insurance plan for all employees and to the modernly equipped company infirmary, the company cooperates with facilities for provision of free services to each female employee that wishes to discuss any gynecological issue.

To this end, an OBGYN clinic was established, where DEMO female employees can have timely Pap smears and/or breast palpations. In accordance with recent data, time and cost issues are two important reasons why women neglect their most precious gift, their health. This innovative act of the Industry, a benefit to female employees, amounting to 450 persons, is a novelty for Greek and European private sector standards.

Our employees’ volunteering activities are at the core of DEMO’s social contribution. In May 2018, for twelfth consecutive year, a voluntary blood drive was organised by company employees.  The blood collected every year is stored in the Blood Bank of DEMO and is made available for covering the needs of the families of its employees.

Moreover, employees gathered clothes, shoes and many other items for hot spots for refugees, which were delivered to the Red Cross, while the company supports the MAKE – A – WISH foundation (Make a Wish Greece) by purchasing stars for wishes during the holidays and by participating in the Athens Marathon with its team, the “Aegean Group”, but also the “Άγονη Γραμμή Γόνιμη” Organization.

Finally, in addition to the DEMO Football Team, which won the 2019 Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies 5×5 championship, an employee theater group, called panDEMOnium, has been established, aiming at putting on a presents children’s and adult performances to NGOs, Children’s Hospitals, etc.

Recently DEMO supported “The Smile of the Child” Organisation by donating a significant amount while at the same time DEMO placed in all hospital solutions NGO’s logo. The company has also produced pharmaceutical products of special composition, on named patient basis that have been ordered, even for a single unique patient, after a special permit is granted by the Authorities. DEMO’s willingness to stop a production line of 15.000 vials per hour for 8 hours so as to produce 20 or 30 vials that will save one person’s life, is maybe for DEMO the most important act of Social Responsibility.


  • Plastic Recycling 1295,51 tn/year
  • Paper Recycling 242,29 tn/year
  • Electric machines Recycling 717 kg
  • Batteries Recycling 38 kg
  • Oils Recycling 1700 kg
  • Solid Waste 417,47 tn/year
  • Iron for scrap 11,10 tn/year
  • Saving 56.976 trees/ year*
  • Saving 115.134 liters of water/year*

*Printing Intelligence Report 2018


  • Promote Voluntarism
  • DEMO Blood Bank
  • DEMO Athens Marathon Team
  • DEMO Football Team
  • DEMO Theatre Team
  • Private Health Insurance Programs
  • Talent Management / Program Start Your Journey

Ethical Marketing

  • Member of  Pharma Associations
  • Member of Institutions for Sustainability
  • Transparency  in  communicating  with stakeholders
  • Certified by Trace International (Anti Bribery & Transparency Compliance)


  • Donations to Hospitals, NGO’s, Social Pharmacies, etc
  • Support Health in small islands of the Aegean Sea
  • Support Children’s Refuges
  • Promote and Support Athletics
  • Donations to schools and local communities