For DEMO successful entrepreneurship is not only a synonym to the company’s development and the positive financial results but also social responsibility actions and sustainable development.

Within this framework, our company takes over initiatives that support sensitive social groups by providing free medicines, materials and machines to regional medical practices at the islands, Non-Governmental Organizations, social pharmacies and more. Our company recycles astonishing quantities of plastic and paper and it has its own management means for the collection of solid wastes and their transfer for destruction.

DEMO ensures the implementation of sound management procedures with regards to its buildings and facilities and the recording of carbon emissions, saving at the same time energy using modern illumination systems. Apart from the private insurance and health plans that cover all our employees and apart from the company’s infirmary that is equipped with modern devices, our company proceeded to a collaboration with an Obstetrician, Surgeon – Gynecologist who has been offering without any charge his services since 2017 in a special area in our premises to every woman employee who would like to discuss about any gynecological matter. To this purpose, we created a gynecology office, where women employees of DEMO are getting TEST PAPs and/or breast examination on time and for free. 

This innovative initiative, is an offer to the women employees who are 450 in number, and it is an innovation for both Greek and European standards in private sector.Finally, our company produces specially-composed pharmaceutical products for rare diseases, which are ordered even for one single patient, upon the granting of a special approval by the Authorities. DEMO’s willingness to stop a production line of 15,000 bottles per hour for 8 hours in order to produce 20 or 30 bottles that will save a man or woman, is perhaps the most important act of social responsibility.

More information and data on DEMO’s social responsibility programs and actions can be found in the press releases, newsletters and Annual Reports which are available on this website.

The Pharmaceutical Industry in April 2020 donated 60 monitors measuring vital functions for the equipment of the Intensive Care Units of the hospitals of the National Health Service, worth 260,000 €, which it delivered to the reference hospitals for Covid-19.Also, as a PEF member, has been one of the companies that pioneered the donation of 40 beds of high technology ICU to the NSS. The beds, made in the USA with an advanced design, allow the patients to move more easily and help to reduce the hospitalization time.

DEMO as all Greek Pharmaceutical Industries, works 24/24 to ensure that doctors and nurses on the front line as well as pharmacies throughout the country, shall have the medications that patients need available. The Greek pharmaceutical industry is proven to be a sector of strategic importance for the survival of the country. In regards to basic medications Greece does not depend on the closure of the borders and the circulation restrictions. We produce our own Greek medications and we ensure the patients’ unobstructed access to those. It stands by the nursing and medical Staff/Personnel of the country but most importantly, next to the patients during these difficult times, wishing that we all remain healthy.



  • Plastic Recycling 1.309 tn/year
  • Paper Recycling 318,58 tn/year
  • Electric machines Recycling 1.732 kg
  • Batteries Recycling 250 kg
  • Oils Recycling 1.749 kg
  • Solid Waste 734.516 tn/year
  • Saving 87.000 trees/ year*
  • Saving 175.647 liters of water/year*

*these measurements regard the responsible printing for the duration of 2020.


  • Promotion of Volunteering
  • DEMO Blood Bank
  • DEMO Athens Marathon Team
  • DEMO Football Team
  • DEMO Theatre Team
  • Private Health Insurance Programs
  • Gym subsidy
  • Talent Management / Program Start Your Journey

Ethical Marketing

  • Member of Pharma Associations
  • Member of Institutions for Sustainability
  • Transparency in communicating with stakeholders
  • Certified by Trace International (Anti Bribery & Transparency Compliance)
  • 34 Awards (2015-2021)


  • Donations to Hospitals, NGO’s, Social Pharmacies, etc
  • Support Health in small islands of the Aegean Sea
  • Actively supporting refugees
  • Promote and Support National Sport Organizations and Athletes
  • Donations to schools and local communities