Honesty, Integrity and Non-bias are basic principles in the operation of DEMO and all business activities developed and related to its associates must reflect these principles.

DEMO is active in a large number of countries, keeping high quality levels and considers that the compliance program developed is an additional advantage to its entrepreneur practice and in the formation of business associations.

The development and adoption of compliance rules, apart from its ethical dimension, is also a component for a realistic and effective approach to the risk management and preservation of the company’s reputation. Business transactions, partnerships, collaboration with suppliers as well as the communication are characterized by moral correctness and legitimacy. DEMO fully complies with all legislation and rules that apply to its industry and continually develops internal control systems for its compliance to this institutional framework The complexity and fragmentation of legislation, whether derived from the national regulatory framework or the corresponding set of international rules, is a practice found in the pharmaceutical industry, and DEMO in the context of corporate compliance, decrypts the entire institutional system and communicates it to all its employees. The company’s activities are conducted in full compliance with all the national and international laws and regulations governing this particular industry.

Moreover, DEMO is a member of the Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industries (P.E.F.), as well as of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (S.F.E.E.) and in addition to the international and national legislative framework, it follows the strict framework of rules that is dictated by the Code of Ethics of SFEE in matters of compliance.

An effective corporate compliance program, for DEMO, is a priority and works on the prevention of negative behaviors and situations.  The Company pays special attention to the identification of possible risks in matters of corruption, plans and applies inspections in advance, in order to have a safety net, with monitoring procedures and report of the effectiveness of these inspections in managing the company’s exposure to risks. Within this framework it resolves any weaknesses that may appear in the level of compliance policy.

PURPOSE | The development of internal rules and procedures but also a strict application control system through which business integrity is ensured.

RESPONSIBILITY | Prevention is the most important to avoid behaviors on part of the associates that do not comply with the rules of ethics and legal order it has adopted and for this reason it has developed proper internal procedures and policies.

DEMO believes that an integrated compliance program, creates a mechanism to guarantee its good function, in accordance with the institutional framework of rules, thus gaining significant additional benefits in its business activity, in the direction for ensuring transparency, in all stages of business structure. The benefits secured by the implementation of a complete and well structured compliance program include:

  • commitment for honest and responsible corporate behavior
  • development and application of tactics, effective training programs and evaluation of personnel in matters of Regulatory Compliance,
  • creation and maintenance of an effective communication line with the employees and associates so that the tracing at first and then the solution of matters of proper implementation of compliance standards is performed immediately and uninterrupted.

The program of regulatory compliance includes procedures and practices followed by the company and has been communicated adequately, so that the employees working behavior is adjusted. The employees of the company must apply to the company’s compliance rules and adhere to their day-to-day activity. These policies and procedures define as well the manner of association that the company adopts with third parties, external associates and service agents.

The Company plans and implements personnel training programs in matters of compliance, so that all services are performed with integrity and professional honesty, ensuring that all employees have knowledge and understanding of the current institutional framework against bribing and corruption as well as the code of ethics and that they act accordingly. Offers adequate training to all employees including seminars, presentations, case studies but also training material available online. Activities and procedures of internal control are applied immediately when omissions are identified that may lower the high standards applied by the company.

Priority is the training of the whole company and the adoption of practices which will ensure the highest possible level of compliance.

Part of global economy, DEMO, operates in a way that responds to the fundamental principles of the human rights, labor and the environment. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  are a challenge for our company to engage in responsible business activity, with the incorporation of the Ten Globally Acceptable Principles of the United Nations Organization, one of which is the fight against corruption. Our policy for this principle, is realized in the compliance program, as it has been developed in our company.

The values of DEMO are respect to the human, honesty, trust and transparency. Our commitment for honesty and integrity is especially important in the prevention and identification of corruption fields and in this section we apply zero tolerance policy. In any actions opposing the good professional practice, we prioritize our principles operating with honesty, respect and responsibility.

DEMO, within the frameworks of the Scientific information and training of Health Professionals, every year subsidizes their participation in Scientific Conferences.

The purpose of these sponsorships is to enrich their knowledge and to reinforce their scientific training in matters relating to their specialty as well as obtaining information on the products of DEMO. The Scientific Events, in which the Company participates, either with the sponsorship of Health Professionals or by Promotional Presence, are in accordance with the Regulatory Circulars of EOF (IDO) and the Ethics Code of SFEE (HAPC).

DEMO, proceeds with donations of technological equipment in Nursing Institutions, thus contributing in the improvement of their infrastructure and the upgrading of their services.

Implements Donations to Patient Associations, aiming at improving the conditions of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases as well as information and awareness for the general public.

Also makes Grants to Research Centers to actively support innovative health research projects.

  • Sponsorship of 150 Health Professionals in Scientific Events.
  • Sponsorships in 85 Internal Conferences
  • Sponsorships in 25 External Conferences
  • Donations in Nursing Institutions, Patients Societies & Sponsorships in Research Centers
  • 100 Participations of DEMO in Conferences with Promotional Presence

With the forthcoming implementation of the European General Date Protection Regulation, (GDPR) DEMO adapts its internal processes and policies for the processing of employee-associate personal data and the protection of the rights of these natural persons so as to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data.

Within the framework of the new regulation, the company creates a grid to strengthen the internal policies and processes, achieving its readiness to fulfill its obligations under the new set of rights of data subjects. Employee information is considered to be particularly important and therefore awareness-raising activities are being carried out.  Thus, it is possible to accept the necessary adjustments to implement the dual objective of training on data protection and the need to comply with the European Regulation.