The company’s International Sales Division has a long history of successful participation in international tenders procured by the most accredited organizations worldwide.

Hence, DEMO S.A. has established a dedicated team within our International Sales Division that is charged with participating in the biggest tenders worldwide – including those organized by the World Health Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Ministries of Health & statewide agencies located in all five continents.


of company’s annual production is exported to international markets
DEMO S.A. Products (including pending submissions & rest of the countries which are reached via CMO agreements).
New Countries 2021 | Italy, Netherlands, Nepal, Paraguay
2020 | Norway, Cameroon
2019 | Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
2018 | France, Sweden, Denmark
2017 | Algeria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Oman
2016 | Myanmar, Tasmania
2015 | Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Cambodia, Croatia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gambia, Guinea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Laos, Maldives, Mali, Mongolia, East Timor, Ukraine

"Active" in 96 countries as of 31.5.2016

Own branded products in 86 countries

2900+approved products

527products under approval

Our company sees its successes in more than just financial and operational terms.  This is the reason we decided to become a registered supplier for numerous international aid organizations, including both UNICEF, MSF and United Nations.

We feel honored to be a selected partner of these two organizations and be able to provide them with all the help needed to succeed in their mission. In 2007, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and Welfare Agency (UNRWA) designated DEMO as one of its top suppliers, hence strengthening the company’s reputation as a leading, truly international pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Our company’s International Sales Division partners with the biggest logistics companies worldwide to offer its products at any place in the globe.  An extended network of affiliated agents allows our company to provide best-in-class customer service regardless of the territory in which our partners reside.

Established in 1985, the company’s International Sales Division has seen dramatic increase in its annual turnover and is a major contributor to the company’s growth. In 2004, DEMO ranked as the top exporter of pharmaceutical products in Greece and has held that position since.

DEMO is actively monitoring worldwide markets to identify those products that become off-patent and are of great importance to the global healthcare community.  We are committed to the development of 21 new blockbuster products every year, laying the company’s foundation for the future.  At the same time, research projects are often undertaken in association with the University of Athens that will enable the company to enter new markets.

Our success is based on our unique combination of strategic advantages:

  • Growth of large-scale production capacity via the continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology.
  • Rapid expansion of our product portfolio.
  • Continuous & careful investment in human resources.
  • Willingness of our highly educated personnel to provide support regarding the use of our products.
  • Open, honest & timely communication with our partners worldwide.
  • On-time distribution and product delivery.
  • Immediate supply of any extra and urgent needs.
  • A clearly defined corporate philosophy based on the principles of quality, growth, professional & flexible management and financial independence.