DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry stood out with two Golden Awards in the category for pharmaceutical companies during the “Healthcare Business Awards 2018”, which took place on Tuesday, September 11, in Varympompi. This was the 3rd year the awards were organized by Boussias Communications and Health Daily, rewarding organizations, bodies and businesses. The award ceremony, which highlighted and rewarded business excellence, innovation, development initiatives and best practices by companies, bodies and organizations in the Health sector, was attended by 400 people, distinguished representatives of the industry.

DEMO S.A. received the Golden Award in the DEVELOPMENT section for the INVESTMENTS category as well as the Golden Award in the DEVELOPMENT section for the EMPLOYMENT category. On behalf of the Board of Directors of DEMO S.A., the awards were received by Mr. Vasilis Paretzoglou, Business Development Director, and Mr. Thanos Mytilinaios, Human Resources Director.

During their speeches, they stated, among others:

Vasilis Paretzoglou, Business Development Director of DEMO S.A.

“We remain in Greece, we invest in Greece and I believe that what we have been doing in DEMO in the past years proves this in the clearest way. We are proud of the fact that we have created one of the largest and most modern laboratories for the production of injectable products in Europe, a family of approximately 900 employees, a company with its production base in Greece but also a strong international imprint, with exports in about 90 countries. Our collaborations with international pharmaceutical companies which now allow us to make available in Greece, in addition to generic medicines, innovative therapies, biological products, medicine for chronic or rare diseases, which save lives. To achieve all this, we have the valuable help of our staff, which is why this award today is dedicated to our people.”

 Thanos Mytilinaios, Human Resources Director of DEMO S.A.

“I would like to thank the Judging Committee for this honor.  This award is thanks to the Management’s commitment, the Demou family for the care of our people. I would also like to thank my colleagues in the Human Resources Department for the work they have accomplished all this time, as well as all the people of DEMO. All this is done for them, with them and primarily thanks to them.”

The two golden awards were given to DEMO by Mr. Nikos Vettas, Chairman of the Judging Committee of the “Healthcare Business Awards 2018”, Professor of Economics in the Athens University of Economics and Business, and General Director of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE)