Cutting the new year’ cake at DEMO S.A. Investments in Buildings, Machinery, Human Resources. New launches and important deals for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Athens, 1st February 2018

The pharmaceutical industry DEMO S.A. welcomed 2018 with wishes for a creative new year, at the event for the cutting of the New Year’s traditional cake (Vasilopita). The event took place on Friday, January 26th at an events hall at Varibobi in Attica. Along with DEMO employees, it was attended by Municipality representatives, bank officials, collaborators and suppliers of the company and by friends of the Stavros Demos’ family.

In his greeting, DEMO President, Mr. Stavros Demos, expressed his satisfaction and thanked all employees for their contribution to the successful course of the company, while he particularly insisted on the Social Responsibility projects undertaken by DEMO, which made the company stand out in 2017. «The gynaecological practice that we created at DEMO, aiming to offer our female employees free Pap tests and an opportunity to discuss or learn about prevention makes me proud, as this case is also unique on a European level», mentioned Mr.  Stavros Demos.

In turn, the Vice-President of DEMO, Mr.  Dimitris Demos, spoke about the company’s development and investments in buildings, machinery and human resources: «Today’s celebration is the customary closing of a year which could be deemed successful regarding our work, and we enter a new year of challenges for all of us».

He then mentioned the investment in new machinery which tripled the dynamics of lyophiles and cephalosporins and the upgrading of the penems line, which quadrupled its dynamics. At the same time, 2017 saw the beginning of the construction of the 4th plant of the company, which will assist the great expansion of warehouses, as well as the installation of numerous machines.

«Regarding the company products», Mr. D. Demos pursued, DEMO developed 7 new products in its laboratories, it has designed and is preparing to launch another 21 drinkable and edible supplements in the Greek market, while it also realized 182 new international approvals. The aforementioned results set the record for the company’s history and they allow us to be optimistic about the future. Given the volume of the aforementioned approvals, we reach 18 launches per month, or, to put it in other words, one Demo product is launched everyday somewhere on the planet», Mr. Demos said.

Finally, as new information for the employees, Mr. Demos announced the conclusion of a contract for the global-level production of 4 products from a multi-national corporation, of a volume of 50 mil. ampoules annually, for 10 years.

«These and other achievements are due, among other factors, to you, our 862 employees», said Mr. Demos in closing his speech, and receiving a warm round of applause.

The event started at 3 in the afternoon, it continued with video projections highlighting some of DEMOS’s ‘strong moments’ over the past year and it kept going with high spirits until late in the evening.