The Greek pharmaceutical company was awarded at Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2016

The pharmaceutical company DEMO acquired an important distinction for its business course and its developmental approach, at the Annual Convention of Business Excellence “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2016”.

DEMO, loyal to its commitment for innovation and development, surpassed the numerous challenges of the pharmaceutical industry while it also contributed to the recovery of the domestic economy’s. The Greek pharmaceutical, with the high scientific profile of its employees’, aims at high quality and product innovation, constantly invests in super-modern equipment and facilities’ upgrade. DEMO is the top Greek company in exporting pharmaceutical products in selling pieces. At the same time, the company has a broad selling network and is established in 52 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and South America.

Mrs. Ioanna Demou, Member of the Board of Directors, received the distinction commenting: “This distinction compliments DEMO’s successful course and we are thankfull for that. I would like to mention that the specific award is credited to our company’s employees who are supporting us for 50 years with their knowledge in the field and also  their loyalty to the Greek pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, DEMO’s healthy developmental approach, with its basic pillars being investment in infrastructure, human resources and Research & Development, but also to our company’s exporting activity, allows us to have a positive business course.”

The event “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2016” , which took place in Athens, aims at highlighting businesses and the sectors of business activities which have the greatest development prospects, the “tools” these businesses reclaim for tackling the effects of the crisis, but also the challenges that they face in practicing their business activity. Representatives of the State, hundreds of businesses, important businessmen and Greece-based foreign commercial delegations were present.