Athens, November 30th 2015

The successful business course of the Greek pharmaceutical company DEMO SA stands out as well as it is acknowledged. The company received two major awards for its business course and prospects. Specifically, on Thursday 26/11, Mr. Dimitris Demos, DEMOS’s Vice President and CEO, was awarded with the“KOUROS” Prize for his performance in the International Economic Arena by the Entrepreneurship Club.

Moreover, once again DEMO was distinguished at the Annual Meeting of Business Excellence, “Salus Index 2015”, which took place a day before, on Wednesday 25/11. On behalf of DEMO, Mr. Aristomenis Vassilopoulos, DEMO’s Sales Director, received the award.

Both of these distinctions constitute a significant acknowledgment for DEMO, which shows annual growth rate over 22% the last eight years as well as turnover of €125 today (from €112 million in 2014) noting an outstanding increase of its profitability. During the 50 years of its presence in the sector, consistently following a dynamic strategy of growth and investment, the company has been established as a leader both at a local and global level. It ranks first in the domestic hospital sales. It has the largest factory in Southeast Europe. It is a champion in exports, with about 80% of its production being exported to 52 countries where it holds significant market shares.

It is worth mentioning that both events are well-established in the entrepreneurship and medicine world. In particular, the Entrepreneurship Club honored the entrepreneurship based on innovation, extroversion and accountability in the face of leading entrepreneurs for the 21st year. Furthermore, the publishing house Active Business Publishing once again held the Annual Meeting of Business Excellence “Salus Index 2015” in the field of Health – Medicine – Beauty, under the auspices of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE), the Pan-Hellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industries (PEF), the Association of Companies with Medicines of Widespread Use (EFEX) and the Association of Health – Research and Biotechnology Industry (SEIV).