Employees constitute a key factor to our growth and success. At DEMO, we systematically invest in our people and the country’s young scientists. It is the direct contribution of our people and their efforts that have made DEMO one of the top pharmaceutical industries in South-Eastern European countries. Increased Employment and Job Opportunities

DEMO is growing dynamically, while increasing its total number of employees every year. The last decade DEMO has created 500 new employment posts raising its number of staff from 512 to 1000. Out of these posts, 120 were created from early 2019 and this number is expected to be further increased. Based on its growth, the company contributes to reducing unemploy- ment, stimulating the economy and local communities, and reducing brain drain.

The average age of workers is 38 years, 57% of workers are under 40 while 55% are men and 45% are women.

The Workers

DEMO has high-skilled human resources and places great emphasis on the education, training and development of its employees.

DEMO employs 25 PhD holders, 109 employees with postgraduate degrees, and 246 graduates from universities and technical institutions. Each year, the company funds Postgraduate studies for its employees, thus investing in their future development.

In 2019, DEMO employees participated in a total of 33 educational programmes from specialised agencies in Greece and abroad in a wide range of topics including issues such as Production Techniques, Warehouse Management for Drugs, Management, Organisation and Leadership, Computer Skills, Legislative Changes and Developments , Quality Requirements, etc. At the same time, it runs a strong in-house training programme in operation and production processes, as part of which more than 870 in-house trainings involving almost all employees took place in 2019.

The company continued investing in the team of internal trainers, promoting and upgrading employees in the production department.

The recruitment of talents, the maintenance, development and professional progress of our people is an important priority.

We work closely with the Academic community and Secondary education institutions giving talented students the opportunity of internship through their faculties and of future employment. Many of our employees started their career as interns and they moved on and became high-ranking officers of our company.

At the level of talent recruitment, we took part in career days and organized visits of new students and graduates in our company.

In 2018, DEMO invested in the development of a new “Start Your Journey” program of Scholarships and Internships. This program aims at students with honors under 29, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Pharmacists, Biologists, Mechanical Engineers and Electric Engineers and Automation Engineers in order to support them in the beginning of their career. 11 Scholarships and 4 Internships were granted in 2019.This way, DEMO is standing by the new Scientists of our country in an active way. At the same time, in 2018 we started the implementation of a new management system with regards to the company employees’ efficiency, that was expanded within 2019 and an assessment and rewarding system for the human resources was developed and implemented.

Our goal is to help employees progress, develop new skills and keep their career in DEMO. Together we have developed a strong link: the DEMO “Family”!

DEMO invests significantly in the Health and Safety of its Employees. 

It thoroughly inspects and systematically improves workplace safety and working conditions.

It has a fully equipped doctor’s office for its staff with a physician and a nurse, and, in an effort to support female workers and the wives of employees, it has developed a collaboration with a gynaecologist offering gynaecological services. The company offers life insurance, accident and health insurance to employees and a preferential insurance program for their families. The company performs annual medical examinations on staff as well as specialised examinations, such as hearing tests or spirometry when required. It systematically measures air quality and noise levels at the premises.

It works together with external experts on occupational safety issues and conducts inspections and audits. It strictly controls access to its facilities.

The company adheres to a fully structured induction process for new employees. 

From the first day, all new employees are informed about the company, its products and structure, they receive training on Good Manufacturing Practices, Health and Safety regulations and procedures, and operational processes and procedures. All new employees receive personal protective equipment and work uniforms, as required, and are guided in the premises. Finally they are informed on benefits and any employee related company activity.