The Company


Greek medicines with a global reach

DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry is an industrial and commercial organization established in 1965 and active in the production and sales of pharmaceutical products.  We are one of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in Greece with a very strong presence in the hospital market, ranking first among the pharmaceutical companies in terms of sold units.


During the past years, DEMO S.A. has achieved a significant growth in all its business segments. This growth has enabled us to achieve results that are a testament to the quality and dedication of our employees.


* No1 Producer of pharmaceutical products in Greece
* No1 in Sales Growth among Greek pharmaceutical companies
* Within the Top 100 Greek industries
* No1 company in private funds invested in Greece
* No1 in new jobs creation in Greece
* Within the Top 200 Companies in new jobs creation in the European Union
* Official Supplier of the United Nations
* Official Supplier of UNICEF