Company Profile

During the past 40 years, our product portfolio has grown significantly providing the foundation for the company's success.  To sustain this in the future, the Board of Directors has committed to develop 4 to 6 new products per year and launch them in the global marketplace as soon as they go off-patent.  Furthermore, a number of new research projects are under progress that will allow DEMO to become an established player in the international pharmaceutical market.

For this reason, we have invested heavily in the creation and sourcing of our state-of-the-art research & development laboratory.  DEMO's R&D lab spans more than 1,400m2, is equipped with the latest instruments and is staffed with the top graduates of the University of Athens.  Under the supervision of highly qualified researchers - most of who own PhD degrees from the most acclaimed universities in Europe - our R&D lab represents the company's launching pad for the future!
Dedicated Department of Regulatory Affairs

Early on it was apparent that for the company to be successful in its international endeavors it needed to build in-house expertise that would allow it to provide regulatory support to its partners worldwide.  Hence, in 2005 we established an independent Regulatory Affairs department manned with 15 full time regulatory officers charged with preparing dossiers for submission & approval in the appropriate regulatory authorities worldwide.

Our products' registration dossiers are all in CTD (Common Technical Document) format, which allows us to quickly and efficiently proceed with submissions to multiple countries at once.  Furthermore, our participation in national, mutual (MRP) and decentralized (DCP) registration processes worldwide have deemed our regulatory affairs department as one of the most competent providing invaluable support to our partners globally.  Last but not least, we have dedicated regulatory officers that constantly monitor local & regional regulatory conditions, providing immediate response in case there are any changes in the local requirements.
DEMO Committed to Top Quality 

Since the company's first inception, the quality of our products has consistently been our top concern.  For this reason, throughout the company's history, we have heavily invested in the modernization and improvement of our production premises as well as our Quality Control department.

This had as a result for all of our manufacturing premises to use highly automated manufacturing procedures and to be equipped with state-of-the-art technology certifications:
- cGMP certified (current Good Manufacturing Practices)
- ISO 9001

Moreover, our brand new Quality Control Laboratory conforms to the latest Good Laboratory Procedures and exceeds 1,500 m2.  It has been rated as one of the best in Europe and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art devices.  Furthermore, our long-time cooperation with both the Chemistry and Biology Departments of the University of Athens provides us with an unlimited pool of talent to draw from in order to staff our laboratories with best-in-class scientists.

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