Human Resources

Investing in our People

People are our primary asset and key factor of growth and success. It is mainly through their direct contribution, their coordinated actions and their efforts that DEMO has become one of the top pharmaceutical companies in South Eastern Europe, exporting around the globe and growing rapidly.


850 people are employed in DEMO. In the course of last year Demo has created more than 150 new jobs at all levels, giving opportunities to both young and senior scientists, experts, and workers. 53% of our workforce are men and 47% women; 61% of our workforce are under 40 years old, and one out of three have more than 8 years of experience in their field. 


DEMO places strong emphasis on and is investing heavily in the attraction, retention, development and professional advancement of our people at all levels.

We work closely with the academic community and higher education institutions, giving talented students the opportunity for internships and future employment. Many employees have started their career as interns and have steadily grown to senior positions in our organization. 


We invest strongly in the continuous education, training and skills development of our people, both on our internal policies and good practices, as well as on new technical developments and management skills. We offer a wide range of courses from basic IT skills, soft skills and technical knowledge, to post-graduate degrees. We also provide expert one on one coaching to middle and senior level employees.


If you are searching for a working environment that offers great possibilities for progress and evolution, DEMO can meet your expectations for a professional career. Please submit your CV in and we will contact you.

Demo is proud of the people working for the company.